About us-Optima Bags

About Us

In 1995, a young man from New Delhi, India, Rajesh Kukreja, decided to start his own company to provide quality and affordable bags to the public and companies of India. With over 23 years of combined experience in the watch manufacturing industry and a dash of Punjabi spirit, our founding chairman soon embarked on a fantastic voyage that would take the company from a small startup to a leading manufacturing unit of not only bags but also watches and trolleys.

Mission + Vision

We believe that each journey is unique and uniquely important. Whether a customer commutes to the jungles of Africa for a thrilling adventure trip, travels to Mumbai for a quick business trip, or surfs our products online, we pave the way for a smooth journey. Every new product we develop is a representation of the current era and generation we live in. We will always maintain the momentum and continue to make traveling for our customers a breeze.

We Are

  • Bold: We move fast. We innovate and blaze trails, always asking what's next?
  • Driven: We're always on. In a relentless pursuit of a better journey for our customers.
  • Owners: We have the hearts of entrepreneurs and the mindset of owners.
  • Together: We are partners with each other, with our business associates, for our customers. Collectively, we create India's most beloved destination for all things travel.


Choose from over 100 styles and over 1000 items from our warehouse full of backpacks, watches, luggage, and accessories! Quality and value come complimentary with our products.

Thank you for choosing Optima Bags. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again!